Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Happy 65th Birthday to my Dad! The kids love birthday dinners, parties, cakes, candles and gifts. My Dads big day was no exception, we couldn't have celebrated it fast enough for them. It was just the 8 of us on this mile stone birthday for Dad and although just us, he seemed just fine. We went to one of his favorites "Benihana's". Peter Ray wasn't too impressed with the Japanese Chef and all his fire and knife tricks. Sophia on the other hand was over joyed with the show and the food. She clapped and danced with every trick, attempting to blow out the fire and waving at the onion stacked smoked volcano. Over all our celebration with Dad was very nice. We all ended at Dad and Moms for traditional birthday cake and ice cream.

A little about my Dad. He is our families rock, he is an example of how hard work pays off. He is an example of how one can become a great person without even knowing. My father was raised by aunts, uncles, sisters and a distant mother. No father but plenty of father figures, no rules yet always knowing right from wrong. No formal education, yet knowledgeable in how to take care of ones responsibilities. My father is a war vet, he is a husband to the same wife for almost 44 years and my hero. Sounds corny, maybe just a tad but so true to my heart. It gives me such happiness to know I made him a grandfather, not really knowing how this would affect him, being that my sister and I seemed to have filled him with so much love not really knowing if anyone or anything could compare. Scratch that, there was plenty more room for grand kids who knew! He is in deep love with my kids and the feelings are mutual. PeterRay after all is named after him and Sophia well lets just say the gentleness and love he gave my sister and I growing up flows into familiar grounds towards her. My daddy loves his little girls and she is no exception.
Happy Birthday Daddy:)

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