Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another day at the beach!

Well it was just another sunny day in Southern California. The kids and I had a rough week this particular week in March. I ended it with a trip to our favorite Pizza shop in Seal Beach and a surprise walk on the boardwalk, a rump in the playground and the finally on the shore! Peter Ray swore he saw a shark and a dolphin, Sophia on the other hand didn't really like the wet sand on her feet or hands. She was a trooper and once she realized it was free play & no stroller she ran with it. Yes I had my stroller with us, lugged it through the sand just to get to the shore/water---wow what a hike. I really should be a spokes person for Bugaboo, I go no where without it.

It was nice putting a good flip on this week, the kids fell asleep on the way home & I felt rejuvenated. Funny how the beach can be so calming no matter what the circumstances, be it alone or with kids:)

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  1. I feel that same way about the beach and can't wait to get to Capistrano Beach in two weeks!!!


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