Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well PeterRay finally got his fish. He'd been asking for one for a while. I had to figure out a way of rewarding him with this special request that will also include a chore. I explained to him if he could sleep without a pull-up for 1 week straight and wake up dry of course, I'd consider a fish. I also explained he needed to feed the fish by his self every day, without having to be told. We've had 2 weeks of no accidents, dry sheets and blankets yah! So off I went fish fishing!

So far 6 hours into this new game, he's named his fish and constantly sits around him, talking to him and looking at him. I think this was a great idea----tonight. Time will tell. By the way the fish's name is Koi. He gets the name and probably identified our multi colored gold fish with the Koi fish at the Fashion Island Koi Pond. So the name Koi was a no brainer for PeterRay to pick out for his new fish; nevertheless Koi he is..welcome Koi to the Gonzalez home:)

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