Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our little Tiger

Go Tigers!!!! Just the beginning, our little guy is officially playing organized sports. Our team TIGERS, our sport T-BALL. Peter Ray is loving t-ball, I not being a big sport fan actually know allot more about the game than I wanted to admit or should I say acknowledge. 1 month in and I'm yelling & cheering our little tigers on. Peter being an assistant coach and Sophia and I being the support team from snacks to cheers we have all embarrassed this new venture. Making new friends is fun too, I'm meeting very nice people and enjoying my days at the park. One little problem, my crazy allergies nothing is working and some days it gets the best of me. Besides the crazy sneezing attacks and tissue filled pockets T-ball is becoming a part of weekly routine and know I just heard soccer & flag football sign ups are around the corner. We'll test the grounds just about every where and let PeterRay decide where he feels good.

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  1. Just you wait JoAnn... you've only just begun being the spectator sporting fan and you haven't even started with dance and performance recitals for Sophia!


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