Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can't believe she's almost 2. I have so many friends with kids graduating from High School this year and I see how time flies. Peter always reminds me to cherish these times with the kids and all they bring to my plate. At times I'm not as patient or have the best responses to them. I'm sorry and guilty as ever when I get to this point and usually blame myself for either staying up too late or just not prioritizing better. Peter and I are a good match, he being the more calm and I being the organizer. Sophia has presented us with a bit of a challenge and another outlook on parenting. She is very independent, stubborn and an actress. Not so loud as PeterRay but definitely gets her point across. The stubbornness is our challenge and as always Peter gives me the bright perspective on it. If she refuses to say sorry, or go to timeout. His reply is usually to the liking of "she knows what she wants and stands by her convictions", he says this so proudly. Explaining to me in time this will benefit her, I don't think Sophia will have problems with speaking her peace or holding her ground. With this positive outlook I look at her and admire her already for her strength. Happy Birthday pretty little Girl!

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