Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fruits n Vegis

I finally made it to the infamous Tanaka Farm. I've heard and seen many pics of this quite little 30 acre farm in Irvine but had yet to visit. Lets just say it was the best field trip I had been on with the kids and Peter too in a long time. I found it educational, beautiful, informative and just plane great. The kids Peter and I learned about farming and we even got PeterRay to try green vegi's, which is impossible to do any other given day. At the end of our fruit n vegi tour we hand picked our own strawberry's. Every thing at Tanaka is organic, which I appreciated. I plan on making more trips to Tanaka and enjoying their many programs throughout the year; summer offers melon patches, fall other pumpkin patches and winter offer tree trimming festivities. It may have taken me one too many years to get here but now that I've checked this off my list of things to do I know it will be a repeat for years to come. Ps. PeterRay had a crush on our tour guide Jenna, who reminded me of my little sister and the head farmers name was Alvino, my Dads first name. This little farm land I guess in a weird kind of way made me think of my family and all I could keep telling Peter was how my sister would just love this field trip. Again Tanaka Farm will be visited by the Gonzalez's and the Almanzas' regularly.

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