Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Peter!

April 13th was Peters' Birthday. It was nice hearing all the calls he recieved, locally as well as from NY. The four of us celebrated small with a home cooked Puerto Rican dinner and a double fudge chocolate cake, all homemade of course by yours truly. The kids helped with the cake and actually ate more cake mix and frosting than they did actual cake.

I have this great picture of Peter and the kids with Sophia only being 7 days old on his birthday in 2007. Same pose this year, I think I should make this pose a ritual just to see how we all change and grow. Peter is such a trooper after everything he does for us, we needn't shower him with gifts and a party he seemed very happy and content with just the four of us singing off tune "happy birthday". PeterRay on the other hand kept asking me all day if the customers (guest) were coming, he also asked were the jumper was? I don't think he ever figured out what kind of a party this was, nevertheless he indulged in all the fixings all day long from helping me cook, bake and decorate with paper streamers. Sophia just kicks back and enjoys the singing part and of course the PR food:)

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