Thursday, June 18, 2009


That's right my little guy was promoted last week from Pre-School to Kindergarten. The year started off shaky for both of us, separation anxiety hit us both. With me crying in the parking lot and him asking if I was going to be waiting for him in the car. Allot has changed since September. For one, I got nixed on our weekly parent volunteer duties when Peter stepped in which allowed Sophia and I to go onto her Mommy & Me classes. Secondly he just grew up just a bit not really needing me to hoover over him so much. Thus the year of new words and independence has come upon us all from talks of

  • body parts (not the common ones)

  • where do dead people go

  • how was he born

And on and on, PeterRay talks pretty much from the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps with endless questions, he truly is our human sponge and with that we have to explain everything very clearly to him and truthfully for that matter. It is wonderful teaching him because in allot of ways he's teaching me so many new things, his undivided interest in airplanes and cars, he watches documentaries on both and is glued to the facts of how they are made to what they can do. The more Innocent facts of how he doest see race; perfect example, someone told him our new President Barrack Obama was black and PeterRay replied no he's not he's brown. To religion differences, asking if Buddha was God in Chinese; just one god in his mind. How I wish more adults saw things through a child's mind and eyes, I truly believe our world would be a better place.

PeterRay is our comedian, our politician and our engineer all in one. I'm so proud of him.

The BIG "40"

It is hard to believe my baby sister Roxanne is "40". And with this milestone birthday came the surprise party! Organized non other than me with the help from her partner Kevin, it went off without a hitch. She was surprised and I hope she had as much soaking in all her friends and families well wishes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We survived our first family vacation as a family of "4" lets just say our next one will be a club med type of deal. No more house & car rentals, I want room service, food service, people service and a nanny! Our trip to NY and Florida was nice and exhausting all in the same breath. Weather was horrible the rain followed us from California to NY all the way to Florida. Although we got to see Peters family the kids challenged us on daily excursions with temper tantrums and what not. Waking up in a 3 different cities and states in 18 days was just too much. NY sure looked different with my kids in tow and rain. Orlando was just has humid and rainy as it is every time I've gone. Peter did get to go to the new Yankee stadium which was nice, PeterRay finally to to go to his first professional baseball game which now opens the doors for games all over. I did cover some new grounds in NY like Coney Island and Howards Beach "Broad Channel Island". The home we rented on the Island had a view to die for or maybe to desire, a view of the NYC skyline which seemed to be pretty difficult to get to this time around. As for our 3 hour drive to Cooperstown at first sight we all thought how nice, how peaceful; homes designed as far back as the early 1900's. Homes fully restored to their original beings, some of my favorite designs from Craftsman's to Victorians. Nonetheless, after say 2 days of peace and quite I missed the city, the suburbs, malls and city life. Regardless of my homesick issues we all enjoyed visiting "Baseball Hall of Fame", Doubleday Field and my favorite Farmers Market. Once all checks were complete in NY we were off to Florida. Once in Orlando we took the kids to both Disney World and Wild Animal Park, visited with more family and cleaned our pores out from the 90% humidity we walked into.

After 18 glorious days our flight touched grounds in California and I came home not only appreciative for being able to take our children to new states and cities but for what I have here at home, so appreciative I'm still soaking in my home.

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