Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Today was PeterRays first day of Kindergarten. I knew last night this would be a hard day for me, more so than him. I prayed a bit and crossed my heart I would be strong. For one I was leaving my baby, my first born with a perfect stranger. Secondly I just wanted to wrap these past 5 years up and hold onto them as long as I could, but guess what the clock was ticking and my son grew up faster than my head and heart could register. It was way past midnight when I went to sleep, double checking his backpack, lunch, outfit etc. Less than 7 hours later there I was in his classroom checking all corners of it out, observing as many parents and children as possible and of course taking a million pictures. My heart was racing, I had butterflies and feeling heart broken if you may. On the other hand PeterRay was fine, checking out the classroom his desk and then his favorite place the playground. New Monkey Bars and a double slide -- PeterRay was beside himself. Within what felt like seconds, Ms. Benson blew her whistle and the kids flew to her as if she were the Pide Piper. She asked them to line up (PeterRay) making his way to the front of the line of course. Then had them do some little gesture to us Parents and told them to blow us a kiss goodbye and reply to us all "have a nice day." A nice day was out of the subject, I wore my contact lenses with huge sunglasses and kept my camera glued to my face. With tears flowing I was amazed yet glad PeterRay didn't notice my behavior. I was a mess, couldn't even talk with Peter who just let me be. As he marched into class like a little soldier if you will I just felt like wow, there he goes my baby is growing up faster than I want.

It all ended well, got home and stayed their my dear friend Kat came over and I tried my hardest to take my mind off PeterRay and fast enough it was time to go pick him up. Of course for the first time in my life I was 20minutes early, anxiously waiting for him to get out of class. Once he did I was the first person he saw, he gave me a big hug and pretty much said he had a great day. He did talk about this huge giant room he ate his lunch in, seemed more amazed with this room (the cafeteria) than anything else. I asked a million questions and he seemed bored with them after say question #20, so I finally backed off. Finally about 30 minutes ago (2 hours after he got out of school), he told me he missed me and I then told him I felt the same way. I think he may of heard the heartache in my voice and simple replied don't worry mom I'm just in school, I wasn't gone that long....

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  1. I feel your heartache! Just wait until you send one off to college (even though it's only an hour away). Very different world now Hillary is living on her own... I don't like it at all but life goes on.


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