Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Year Old Boy

PeterRay turned 5 on Friday, he was so excited to tell his new friends in school and hand them all a birthday treat we packed the night before. It made me proud that he got just as excited about giving a gift vs. receiving a gift. Don't get me wrong on party day every gift he opened was commented with "just what I always wanted"?? Our theme this year trash trucks & recycle. The trash truck was his idea and I tossed in the recycle theme. I took his to a land filled and he was just amazed, don't know if he really got the gist of it but he does know our home recycles. So with that in mind it made for free recycled decorations; used water bottle boxes for framing, empty cans, bottles and so on. On Sunday I contemplated cleaning up and skipping on church, then I just thought the cleaning can wait and off to church we went. Great service and great choice.

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  1. Sounds like a fun birthday! That cake is amazing!!! (it's a cake, right?)


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