Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is in the Air

The Gonzalez's are ready for fall, even though summer came late into So. Cal I am ready for the cool fall weather. The pool patio furniture is put away, umbrellas in the shed and our fall & halloween decorations are out! The kids and I have had hectic schedules for the past 2 weeks, so this weekend I decided to stay in. My Mom was with and we made a big pot of beef soup with tons of vegi's and just chilled with the kids. PeterRay got hooked on puzzles so hooked I think it's time I move him up in pieces. Sophia didnt enjoy so much, she was learning to play fish with my Mom and don't know if she ever got the hang of it. At one point I overheard my Mother telling Sophia to match the teddy bears and instead Sophia replied the teddybear belonged to the little girl (this was I guess her idea of a match). Nonetheless, we saved on going and gained just being together in a very relaxing way! Happy Fall!

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  1. Fall has finally arrived in Utah too and the trees are beautiful! I LOVED Sophia's idea of the match being the teddy bear belonging to the girl... of course!


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