Monday, January 25, 2010

First Time to Baldy!

The kids and I finally made our way to the snow this year. After a year of complaing and asking everyone under the sun to take the drive with me I finally just did it. With no plan, no agenda just a map, myself the kids and my little cousin Aaron who just turned 14 made our way to Mt. Baldy. I used to be an avid skiier back in the day, Mammouth, Big Bear, Tahoe at least 2-3 trips a winter was the norm. So to get my kids on snow was a must for me. Peter not being a snow guy - kept pushing it off my calendar. I made 2 prior plans with reservations and all and each time they got kaboshed by Peter. So with no plans the kids and I woke up this past weekend and I just started packing it up, from hot coco, p&j's, chips, fruit and snow gear off I was 2 hours later to Mt. Baldy. I had never been to Baldy and must say I was pleasently surprised how nice it was. We didn't get very high up, but high enough for the kids to sled around and for us to hike through a few paths. It was so beautiful I really just sat and watched them fall in love with the Mountains and the Snow as I did so many years ago. My parents are not much for the outdoors so I discovered this love later in my early teens and twenties. Now that I'm a parent I still love the outdoors maybe not as active as I used to be but still appreciate the beauty of our Mountains, Beaches and Lakes. My kids will learn to skii and will have this sport a part of their winter activities, can't waite to take them camping in the spring. Oh so many things I want to share with them, no time like the present. Enough with putting things off till tomorrow or waiting for someone to join me, I was mostly looking out for the kids in case the drive was hard on me. Nothing a good cup of coffee cant fix and of course a good night sleep and preperation. I'm already planning our first skii trip this February to Big Bear....look out Summit her comes JoAnn and her Peeps!

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  1. Good for you JoAnn! Glad your kids got to experience snow. I didn't ski until I got to BYU and took lessons (since the nearest ski resort was 15 minutes away from school). My boys like to snowboard but I've turned into a baby and just enjoy the beauty of it from behind the window... (It does get old for me after I'm driving in it, shoveling it off my driveway for 4 months of the year!--That's when I REALLY get missing So. Cal...)


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