Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love...

13 things I Love for FREE....
1. I love to sew and make quilts, baby clothes & costumes. I've been sewing sense I was 14 years old.
2. I love listening to the Radio, an actual radio station with news, music and gossip.
3. I love cooking, only learned about 4-5 years ago and have taken it to new levels I didn't know I had.
4. Going to the beach, my favorite is Seal Beach. It is a 2 for 1 visit, the kids love the playground on the beach and just love sitting in the sand, feeling the ocean breeze and watching the ocean. It's very calming for me and the kids usually fall asleep on the way home so I can listen to my favorites #2:)
5. Working at my sons school, it's nice getting to know his friends at a different level and the teacher too. Everyone calls me Mrs. Gonzalez with a "Z"
6. I love taking bath, mostly at my parents, they have a huge deep bath tub. Plus my mother owns every bath bubble, gel, soak you can imagine it's always relaxing.
7. My sisters company; although far and in between I cherish our dates together. She is the smartest, kindness, honest and most generous person I know. She really is perfect, really.
8. My parents and their lessons of unconditional love, they are still showing me the ropes and never seem to amaze me how incredible they are and how much they truly love me.
9. Cleaning, I love a clean house; although mine isn't always in order when the kids & Peter go down about once a month I clean until the wee hours of the morning and at the end just sit and watch. It's a very good feeling to me and I get a rush out of it.
10. PeterRay, he is amazing his vocabulary always expanding. He seems to think like me and and I myself so much in him. I don't want to pat myself on the back but watching a 5 year old explain how he wants to become President someday is amazing, most adults don't have that much generosity and sincerity in them and my 5 year old already does. Maybe he wont be President and maybe he will. I love him in all his glory.
11. Sophia, she's bringing the girly girl back in me. After Peter Ray I got in a stay at home mom slump. Sophia is all about the tea parties, princess dresses, dancing and getting fixed up. So when she gets fixed up I do too now!
12. Fountain of Life Fellowship Christian Church, love everything about it. I've met some of the most amazing friends here, and all encouraging and loving. I once said to them, I had no where else to turn when I entered this little church. In retrospect now; it was the turn my life was waiting for all along.
13. Girl Friends. I have only a few and the few I have keep me going, we love, laugh, eat, cry and listen to each other unconditionally. They remind me no one is perfect and life will unfold as it will...just roll with it. One of them once said, it is easier to love than to hate. It's life changing once you put that into perspective. Love my girls...


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