Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Days

May Days were in full swing, Peter Ray had his last game of the season and wonderfully my Sister and Dad made it to his last game. I got some really cool photo's of PeterRay in action, I'm going to miss my team and all the parents. We've only been in baseball for 2 years now and thankfully this season was great. All the parents seemed to get along and I've made some really good friends. Some of us will be graduating to the next level next year, hears hoping we are on the same team again and/or our paths cross! Peace out little Titans!!!

Guess who likes chocolate ice cream? Up until recently I always ordered Sophia vanilla ice cream, sort of tricked her into thinking it was her favorite. It was my crazy idea thinking vanilla was easier to clean up and wouldn't stain her clothes, point taken on this photo! Nonetheless, I think chocolate is now her fav!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes good old fashion sprinklers are too fun to pass up. After doing some crazy yard work I brought out the hose and sprinkler, without giving it a second thought the kids disappeared and then reappeared with rain boots, I would normally tell them to stay out of the water but I was pretty exhausted and just let them be. Once again they reminded me how much fun life can really be with bare essentials, they continue to teach me daily and remind me it's easier to laugh than yell! I love them silly*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy is coming to town!

The Tooth Fairy is coming to Orange County! My baby boy lost his first tooth today and although he was over the moon with excitement a part of me realized how fast he is growing. It was just 5 years & 8 mo ago this little baby boy lay in my arms after a 52 hour labor.  Our first night together was spent with me just looking at him, no sleep required as if I'd been sleeping the night before (ha!ha!) I was widely awake inspecting his every inch. He had little hair on his head, big eyes, a good size nose, no eye lashes, no brows and no teeth! Now today he's just as hairy as I am from head to toe and losing his teeth, how ironic.  My baby is growing up and as he put it, "today I lost my firstest baby tooths and soon I'll be a grown up with big people teeth, right Mommy?" Soon my baby will be all grown up a man at that, but he will always be my baby!
Goodnight Tooth Fairy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Felt the Earth Move Under My Feet!

Still in shock is all that ran through my head. I attended as my Uncle George said a historical night. A night with James Taylor and my goddess of female singer and composers CAROL KING. It was James, Carol, my baby sister Roxanne, me and about fifty thousand other guest all at the Hollywood Bowl listening, singing, dancing and of course me crying. I was so moved just being in that  presence and listening to these iconic performers I was truly beside myself. I owe this all to my baby sister who once again knows me better than myself and treated me with bells and whistles to this historical concert. The babies were safe, Peter was safe and I was in my own little universe for 3+ hours at the Hollywood Bowl. I drifted in and out of the music day dreaming of what life must be like to be so gifted, so admired. I miss Los Angeles and all it's character. Driving down Highland, Sunset and Melrose made me miss my old self. A girl who frequented the area for its restaurants, shopping, concerts, chilling what ever it's all there in the crazy hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are Family

I write today with a bit of sadness in my heart, my uncle and aunt lost their father last week to cancer. I new Eddie only through my aunt & her husband Eli. But what I new of the man he was all character and I don't mean funny; although he was funny it were his stories that made you laugh. They weren't made to be funny but his take and descriptions on how he told them made you laugh. He had the voice of a wise man, a man who's been around the block and a man you would want to walk down a dark alley with. I'm sad because he's now gone and my uncle's heart seems a bit broken. Heartbroken: medical terms for this are none, prescriptions none, how long they last no one knows. So in helping my dear uncle and aunt, from preparing eulogies and obituaries, videos etc. it breaks my heart to know my uncles is hurt write now. Maybe hurt or broken is a strong word but for sure I know this, when you lose a parent a parent that means so much to you your heart is not quite the same. In between this hustle and bustle of preparing a Life Celebration (funeral), I took a break to write down my feelings and finally put music back on my blog and of course the songs that I ran across made me cry again.  This is what I know for sure, I have one family, one set of friends I can call morning, noon or night. We are as close as family and friends can be, I love each and every one of them to the fullest. I appreciate each and every one of them and my life wouldn't be the same without them. I recently talked with someone about a loss they couldn't get over, someone else intervened and said get over it, some people never even have what the other had before the loss. Maybe so, but as I said before losing someone close to your heart is forever changing, no time, no medicine can fix this just time.....and I believe and hope in time we are all able to remember the good times, remember them during the oddest moments when a certain song plays or the smell of jasmine from the garden blows into your kitchen window what ever the incident may be in time I pray we all accept our loved ones are with GOD watching over us. I guess we really should be jealous that some of our loved ones are with GOD, I cant wait to meet him myself.

Rest in Peace Eddie Anaya Sr., January 28, 1928 ~ April 29, 2010


Monday, May 3, 2010

On a Ride...

I'm baaack!
It's been awhile sense I've Blogged and I guess there is no time like the present to catch up. The kids and I have been pretty busy with school, baseball, family, birthdays, holidays etc. Sophia had her 3rd Birthday Party this year at American Girl in Los Angeles. I appreciated everyone who came and fought the 2 hour traffic jam it took to get there and get home. I hope it was as worth it for them as it was for us. This is probably the first of many birthdays to come that Sophia actually understood what was going on and that the fuss was for her. I originally contemplated on giving her a big party this year and although it wasn't big it was grand. With a Tea Like Party for kids, parents and dolls it was picture perfect. The only thing missing was PeterRay and although he's been to the store twice with us, he hates it. I opted to make this a girls party and no boys were allowed. Regret, regret, regret.. maybe when she's 12-13 this would have been a good idea right now PeterRay and Sophia are buds, they do everything together and not celebrating a birthday was a bad choice no matter how darn cute the party was. Next year our house with a house full of boys and girls:)

As for PeterRay, he's got a loose tooth is into his second year with baseball and still loves, trains, planes and music. He has also talked about becoming the President when he grows up. I asked him why and what does the President do. His reply; "he helps people in his country. I want to help people and I want to live in the White House."  Sounds good to me, I don't know where this will go, if it is a faze it's a good one. And if  by any chance in say the year 2040 you hear about a Latino candidate from California, you heard it here first!

We have also endured a few sad stories in our lives. I lost a dear friend whom I worked with 6 years ago to cancer and recently lost my aunts father-in-law to cancer as well. I also have an old friend fighting Lupus and serious back surgeries. With all this in mind, I thank god every day for my health, my children and everything around me. This sadness has humbled me and made me realize how short life is. I have one body, once chance, one me I better take better care of all three and enjoy my ride while I'm here.

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