Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Days

May Days were in full swing, Peter Ray had his last game of the season and wonderfully my Sister and Dad made it to his last game. I got some really cool photo's of PeterRay in action, I'm going to miss my team and all the parents. We've only been in baseball for 2 years now and thankfully this season was great. All the parents seemed to get along and I've made some really good friends. Some of us will be graduating to the next level next year, hears hoping we are on the same team again and/or our paths cross! Peace out little Titans!!!

Guess who likes chocolate ice cream? Up until recently I always ordered Sophia vanilla ice cream, sort of tricked her into thinking it was her favorite. It was my crazy idea thinking vanilla was easier to clean up and wouldn't stain her clothes, point taken on this photo! Nonetheless, I think chocolate is now her fav!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes good old fashion sprinklers are too fun to pass up. After doing some crazy yard work I brought out the hose and sprinkler, without giving it a second thought the kids disappeared and then reappeared with rain boots, I would normally tell them to stay out of the water but I was pretty exhausted and just let them be. Once again they reminded me how much fun life can really be with bare essentials, they continue to teach me daily and remind me it's easier to laugh than yell! I love them silly*

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