Monday, May 3, 2010

On a Ride...

I'm baaack!
It's been awhile sense I've Blogged and I guess there is no time like the present to catch up. The kids and I have been pretty busy with school, baseball, family, birthdays, holidays etc. Sophia had her 3rd Birthday Party this year at American Girl in Los Angeles. I appreciated everyone who came and fought the 2 hour traffic jam it took to get there and get home. I hope it was as worth it for them as it was for us. This is probably the first of many birthdays to come that Sophia actually understood what was going on and that the fuss was for her. I originally contemplated on giving her a big party this year and although it wasn't big it was grand. With a Tea Like Party for kids, parents and dolls it was picture perfect. The only thing missing was PeterRay and although he's been to the store twice with us, he hates it. I opted to make this a girls party and no boys were allowed. Regret, regret, regret.. maybe when she's 12-13 this would have been a good idea right now PeterRay and Sophia are buds, they do everything together and not celebrating a birthday was a bad choice no matter how darn cute the party was. Next year our house with a house full of boys and girls:)

As for PeterRay, he's got a loose tooth is into his second year with baseball and still loves, trains, planes and music. He has also talked about becoming the President when he grows up. I asked him why and what does the President do. His reply; "he helps people in his country. I want to help people and I want to live in the White House."  Sounds good to me, I don't know where this will go, if it is a faze it's a good one. And if  by any chance in say the year 2040 you hear about a Latino candidate from California, you heard it here first!

We have also endured a few sad stories in our lives. I lost a dear friend whom I worked with 6 years ago to cancer and recently lost my aunts father-in-law to cancer as well. I also have an old friend fighting Lupus and serious back surgeries. With all this in mind, I thank god every day for my health, my children and everything around me. This sadness has humbled me and made me realize how short life is. I have one body, once chance, one me I better take better care of all three and enjoy my ride while I'm here.

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  1. Glad you're back! So sorry to hear about losing a friend and family to cancer... WHY can't anyone come up with a cure?! How is Sherrie doing??? Take care--hope to see you in the Fall.


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