Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy is coming to town!

The Tooth Fairy is coming to Orange County! My baby boy lost his first tooth today and although he was over the moon with excitement a part of me realized how fast he is growing. It was just 5 years & 8 mo ago this little baby boy lay in my arms after a 52 hour labor.  Our first night together was spent with me just looking at him, no sleep required as if I'd been sleeping the night before (ha!ha!) I was widely awake inspecting his every inch. He had little hair on his head, big eyes, a good size nose, no eye lashes, no brows and no teeth! Now today he's just as hairy as I am from head to toe and losing his teeth, how ironic.  My baby is growing up and as he put it, "today I lost my firstest baby tooths and soon I'll be a grown up with big people teeth, right Mommy?" Soon my baby will be all grown up a man at that, but he will always be my baby!
Goodnight Tooth Fairy!

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  1. That is BIG TIME for a 5-year-old!!! Congrats! Just wait until he's taller than you AND he's looking down at you--it still blows me aways with my 16-year-old BABY...


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