Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dog Beach

Dog Beach in Huntington Beach!
Took the whole familia out today, Jazz was in heaven as the kids were too! It was our first trip to Dog Beach as a family. The best part of this trip was the ride home, not a peep from any of our three pups! This lasted all afternoon. Sun + Beach + Fun = Long Nap!!!

Beach Activities...
While PeterRay contemplated going into the ocean, Sophia just played in with sand and made sand castles, and sand lunches for Peter & I. Jazz in the mean time tired first and was my partner as I lay in the sand! The kids let me cover them in sand and thought it was just hilarious to be covered in sand, it was a first for them. I think they thought I invented this ingenious idea. It's truly amazing looking at things again through your kids eyes. Being covered in sand is hilarious, fun, cool and all that good stuff sand is made for. One thing sand is not made for is my minivan????

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  1. I would LOVE to take Cooper to Dog Beach! I would just love to go to the beach...How fun for you all.


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