Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day 2010

Happy Fourth of July 2010
Most of the men had to work this fourth but it didn't stop my Mother from putting on our annual fourth of July BBQ. My Uncle George was the firework starter! The kids had a blast with us old ladies (Granny Lucy, Auntie Roxanne, Grandma Jojo, myself and Uncle George who kept scaring them). Just when we thought the show was over, we noticed the skies were lighting up like Disneyland. All we had to do was walk down my Mothers crazy long driveway to the street for yet another firework show. The street was filled with smoke and the skies with stars. We cheered and clapped with all the other neighbors in the streets! It was a great time and I'm so appreciative my mother insisted on us coming over even if the men had to work.  I'm appreciative to have celebrated yet another holiday with my Grandmother, my Uncle, my Sister, my Mother and of course my babies. My father and Peter not forgotten and missed too! Maybe next year they'll join us crazy old hags for a light!

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  1. Sounds like a "blast!" You'll look back and be so glad your mom insisted on keeping traditions... no matter who shows up! Your kids are growing up!!! Tell Roxanne hello for me.


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