Monday, July 5, 2010

June Ends*

Last Day of Kinder for PeterRay! The day began with a the three of us off to school for the day. This was a real treat for Sophia, due to the fact that she had started this ritual of crying every time we left PeterRay off to school in the morning. I explained to both  of them this was the last day of school and celebrations were around the corner!!!

Introducing the brave wild animal trainer "PeterRay" & his clown Sophia!
Part of PeterRays end of year celebration was a Circus Production. PeterRay won the role of "Wild Animal Trainer". Of course yours truly opted to make his costume and in doing so Sophia got to be a clown. The show was perfect, all the kids did wonderful and I laughed and cheered the entire show! PeterRay did wonderful he made us all real proud!

Protecting her brother!
Sophia giving yet another speech on how to respect her brother! Although PeterRays stopping grounds at school, Sophia paved her way through and gave everyone a taste of what to expect in 2 years!

Allot to say....
PeterRay received an award at his closing ceremonies this season and had allot to say at the end. His accepting speech went on and on. He had the entire league rolling from telling everyone his Daddy works at Disneyland and that I cooked all night long and was the best cooker ever!  The award had nothing to do with either subject but it did give him the opportunity to speak. I'm telling you I'm either raising a politician, lawyer or a comic! No matter what he does I'm sure it will involve lots of talking!

A Train ride for PeterRay! My father treated us to Olvera Street via Metro Link Train! PeterRay still loves his trains and this little field trip was right up his alley. The ride only 30 minutes from my parents seemed short but on the way home with two tired kids and rush hour, 30 minutes was perfect! A friend of mine(Alicia) sent me a photo a her family field trip at a National Park in Utah, her photo of a Union Pacific R.R. #119 is so beautiful with this gorgeous back drop it is currently my screen saver for PeterRay. My shots of our local Metro Link and one Union Pacific freight train don't compare, but for now it will do! 

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