Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heat + Beach = August

The kids and I headed over to Mothers Beach yesterday, it was a whim of an outing that turned out to be a very good one! I hesitated going alone because I thought the kids would have more fun playing in the sand with friends however, once we got there they explored, played and had just a really nice peaceful time. I was so wrong thinking more was better on this field trip, we all had a very nice time just chilling. No yelling, no fighting just peace. We played games like who could find sea crabs, what shape the clouds were making, who could run the fastest to the bathroom and at one point we were all pirates searching for treasured gold all in shapes of shells of course. Friends are fun to chill with but sometimes being on our own is just as satisfying. I remember a friends once told me when I was pregnant with Sophia; she and her husband had a second child to complete their family but once she was born then realized they had their second child for the first child.  I can totally relate to this, Peter Ray and Sophia although they fight allot they are buds, friends, partners and most of all siblings God created perfectly for each other!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy those... btw, where is Mother's Beach???


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