Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Grade Already

PeterRay started First Grade today, I didn't cry this year but was a bit on edge the entire night before and morning of. I made his favorite breakfast "pancakes" and tried to sit with him a bit before we left. He was more interested in talking about his new shoes, he has been dying to wear than anything else. Once we got to his school he was so excited to see all his friends and seemed comforted knowing Courtney, Aspen, Ethan & Sundra were in his class this year.
He was also excited to know he was now able to play in the big playground, no more trikes and bikes! There may have been a second of hesitation when the bell rang and all the kids lined up, he finally looked to me for some direction and there I was leading him and lining up with him as we all walked into his new classroom. I told him I loved him got one more picture of him at his desk and said I'll see you later.

I can't believe how fast time does fly, this is my baby my first born in grade school all by his self without Peter or I to protect him....scary! I was a bit quite on the ride home and Peter just let me be. After a rare silent ride home I turned to Peter replying "wouldn't it be great if he could just stay home with us and education just happened without him having to leave our home". Peters reply: "that's called home-schooling". I know my sadness is of selfish reasons and it's part of life to let our kids go and grow. I had such an amazing childhood and school was great, I loved every bit of it. Till this day when I hear a kid complaining about school I just cringe with disbelief. School was the best and I have very found memories of those days long ago. My school, teachers and friends helped shape me into the person I am today. I know my kids deserve the same!

For Peter-Ray: "You were born on a Saturday, in all my life, there was never a more beautiful Saturday than that one".

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  1. Peter Ray will love school each day but will look forward to the moment he comes home and you are waiting for him and eager to hear all about his day... THAT'S what he'll remember as well. Hope he has a great year...


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