Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Birthday Boy

PeterRay is "6"
PeterRay turned six last month and I swore once again no party...I have down scaled my efforts for sure but to x the entire party thing hasn't yet been accomplished and maybe it never should. My son turning six was just another special day for us with him in our lives. He woke up at a 6am sharp as if it were Christmas morning - yelling "It's my Birthday, I'm 6 today". I proceeding to give him his cards everyone had been sending through out the week, he loves musical cards and really gets excited when he get one and this year he received two - double excited if you will at 6am!  Nevertheless, we proceeded with gifts from his big brother Matthew and then gave him the family gift. The family meaning both grandparents, Peter, Sophia & I all contributed towards this big one......drum roll.................An MTH Electric Steam Train, to be exact "The New Jersey Blue Comet".  Peter had prepped the patio with a large table and all the track the night before, all PeterRay had to do was assemble the trains and learn how to use the controller. This all took of a few seconds, I mentioned I wish he'd learn his spelling words this quickly and he just smirked at me and reminded me he was a Train Expert - - - what ever PeterRay?  Our day was spent with me cooking in the kitchen, setting up tables for our friends and family to have a birthday dinner with PeterRay. PeterRay stayed in the patio all day long falling in love and almost in disarray he actually had this huge train he had wished for for a very long time. Even days later he kept telling me how thankful and happy he was to have his new train.  He seemed so disbelieved he actually had one and couldn't believe it himself at times, that is how happy he truly was.

Now for my memory of this birthday, beside PeterRays excitement over his train set. I have the best friends ever, upon realizing 2 days prior to PeterRays birthday there was no party in the works I received countless calls asking why we were not throwing our usual birthday bash. I had the same answer, it's just not necessary we got him this huge gift that was that.
Phone conversations began 9/16 at around 5pm:
  • Ms. Kandie, we Evelyn & I just need to celebrate with PeterRay even if there is no party; just the kids and cupcakes-come on!
  • Ms. Kat, I'll make my famous spinach salad and bring his girlfriends Miranda & Annie, its a must!
  • Ms. Roberta, what do you need!
9/16 - 9pm I told Peter I'll be cooking for about 30 guest on Saturday night, he just laughed as we placed a few more calls into PeterRays very good friends the Cabrals,  my parents, sister and grandmother.  I guess birthday celebrations are not just for the person having the birthday but for those who love that person and love celebrating with them. PeterRay has the best friends ever, friends he's known before he could talk and walk. It never goes without saying if I'm throwing a party or just cooking for a play date; both PeterRay and Sophia clarify that " Evelyn, Miranda, Annie, Isaiah, Jackson & Jacob will be there. I think and truly believe these friends will be celebrating with the Gonzalez's for a very long time

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