Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Fest with Kids

photo taken by Sherri Torres Dunn
October Fest at Disneyland....the kids and I finally made our way into the park. It was short lived a school night and we were actually only doing a sign in for one of my oldest friends, Ms. Sherri (Torres) Dunn. Her and her youngest daughter were visiting and wanted to go to the park before they went back home to Arizona. So the kids and I tagged along for a short time before they realized hanging out with me and my silly kids is work and we don't do fast rides. Regardless of how short our time together was I was just so thankful to actually see Sherri and talk a bit with her. I've known Sherri for 31 years and the funny thing is yes we grow, we get married have kids, move around but we are who we are and Sherri and I are who we are - friends for life I'm sure and some where in my core I'm still that 14 year old girl who met another 14 year old girl and become friends because we shared values, dreams and laughter. Sherri and I for the past 31 years have shared so much from tears to joys but most of all we've laught out loud and will continue to with each other forever!

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