Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sophia in Mommy & Me Pre-K

Sophia Isabella Gonzalez
My little girl started her second year of Mommy & Me Pre-K. Although I haven't fully cut my apron strings with her and sent her off to school alone we are doing this along with our church childrens worship program on Sundays.  I am truly cherishing these years with just her and I bonding, she already loves being in the kitchen with me and sitting at the table when I'm sewing. I do appreciate she is a girly girl and we have some common interest, I cherish these days because I hear too often how short lived they are and just hope and pray mine last longer then the average, what ever that is 30 I hope!  Nevertheless Sophia and I spend our days when not in school at the Library, the local Farmers Markets, the Fabric Stores, Michaels, Costco & Sams Club where everyone knows us well it's like our little extended retail friends.

What I've taught Ms. Sophia:
  • cuts coupons (eye hand coordination skill)
  • shapes & numbers (apples are round, pears are oval, cereal boxes are rectangles, juice boxes are square) also I quilt with 4, 6 & 9 inch square patterns and Sophia knows them by sight and size and how to count to 20
  • books (we are regular library groupies and read read read sometimes the same books at our local library, we've even jumped over into Cerritos Library which is just amazing).
  • Songs & Rhyme's (Sophia is forced to listen to my music and dance with me on a regular basis)
  • cooking (Sophia knows how to wash and rinse vegetables, what the difference is between a fruit and a vegetable).
Sophia still wants to be a princess when she grows up, I hope to maybe guide her into acting like one instead;  which means you can only act like one if you work hard and do well in school which will then give you the liberty to chose what kind of job and life you want and then after all that is done you can act and call yourself what ever you want.  I call myself these days "Queen Mom". Do I live in a palace or wear a crown, no but I sure feel like I do sometimes, even with all the craziness going on I for sure step back during my crazy day and intake how lucky I am, lucky as a Queen as I say......

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  1. Sophia is an absolute doll (now having seen her in person) and she should feel lucky to have a mom like you. You should start teaching your own pre-school so other kids get to experience all that she is!!! (And you can still have Sophia with you 24/7--ha ha)


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