Thursday, November 11, 2010

Football, Musicals, Fun with Grandma & Halloween

Full of Fall I say....
In a nut shell the kids and I had a fabulous month in October, we kicked off the month literally watching my cousin Aaron play his first year of football at my old high school.  It was great watching him play against our old time rivals "the El Monte Lions". The Vikings won the game and Aaron did great!  The kids were not so excited being at the game and sitting still so they opted to play under the bleachers. Watching Aaron brought back some great memories of my high school years, I hope he enjoys Mt. View as much as I did!
Then out of no where the kids and I went to see Aladdin the Musical at the Egyptian Theatre, everyone kept telling me how great it was and it was. It was worth my hour long wait in line with the kids, they sat through the entire performance and fell in the with the theatre just as I did as a young girl.
Finally I kicked into Halloween gear, I invited my mother over for a crafty afternoon. Thought we'd build a Haunted Gingerbread house.  We ended up with too much royal icing, creatures made of marshmallow's, licorice and M&M's. No house just my kids literally dipping gram crackers and candies in frosting yuk!  Lesson learned stick to what I know best, my mother was kind enough to come back the next weekend and bake Halloween cookies, carve pumpkins and make candied candy apples. 
A costume designer I am. My mother asked me to help her with a costume this year, this is the mother that started me on this crazy adventure I take every Halloween of the best original costume design. So need I say more as I put myself into full gear making her costume a black and white clown. I think she looked fab!
Finally Halloween! We walked our streets this year with some of my favorite men in my life; my uncle George, my beautiful God Son Richard and my husband who didn't have to work this year. The kids too and of course the Collins. I loved hearing my uncle George reminisce on how it used to be. Having my god son by my side pushing Sophia in her stroller made me feel like my life is not gone full circle but 3/4 circle. It felt like just yesterday I was carting Richard around on Halloween and now he's pushing my babies around. What 25 year old man wants to spend Halloween with his Nina and her crazy kids;  a good man and man I have had the pleasure of raising and loving all his life. 

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