Sunday, February 20, 2011

January+February = New Beginnings with Love...

Our new year started with an illness from last year. PeterRay caught a very rare disease called HSP (Henoch Schonlein Purpura). It brought new challenging things to our home table. With me learning allot about vaculites diseases and challenging myself to learn more about this very rare yet common disease. My new challenge beside keeping my boy comfortable and safe was Home Schooling. A role I've contemplated for a while. In a weird kind of way I felt I brought this horrible disease on because it gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet with Home Schooling; I know now as I should have then God works in mysterious ways and this was just a stepping stone for me to explore. Nevertheless, I loved Home Schooling and found it very challenging and rewarding. Regardless of being out of school for nearly 5 weeks PeterRay didn't miss a beat...yah Me!  I am very pleased to type tonight my son has been symptom free for 3 weeks, we will still follow this disease for the next 12 months but for now God willing we are well.

The Gonzalez's explore the Los Angeles Zoo and how impressed I was. Not only was it a perfect day but the Zoo really has stepped it up from our last visit almost a year ago. So much I'm a member and the kids and I have visited enough already to get our monies worth! At the Zoo we just had to visit Sophia's favorite animal the "Elephant", she is just amazed and in love with this bigger than life creature. So much she has challenged me into giving her a Elephant Party Them for her 4th birthday. We aren't talking Dumbo that would be too easy, no she likes the big wrinkled gray ones. So off I go with yet another adventure of tossing a unique party.

For PeterRays big treat it was another Train Convention. It's PeterRay and a bunch of old guys playing train.  And when I say a bunch of old guys I mean it. They seem to love PeterRay and love answering all his hundred questions and admire his interest. Here's what I foresee in his future as was in my sisters at age 5. You know those mom journals of each of their children, well my sisters went like this at the ripe old age of 5 "I want to fix Dogs" 41 years later guess what she's fixing dogs, cats, birds etc. So maybe just maybe my son will be the Engineer he says he wants to be, I wont brake his spirit just because I'm to the hills with train documentaries and books. My boys has a passion and I love that he does and will embrace what ever avenue he ventures off too. For now his ventures always lead to trains, from parks, zoos, conventions or just driving over a train track in the road the questions and education he gives us is non stop and moving along nice and steady just like a steam train I hear!

Besides our local Park field trips PeterRay learned to ride his bike and Sophia started ballet. The bike class was way to easy, one day 1 hour and he was off. For those of you who know my boy, he's a sensitive little guy, cries at sad movies, loves to hug and kiss and with that sensitivity he cries easily, is a bit scared of the dark and hates the doctors and needles, cuts and scrapes. With all that put aside Bike riding has brought out a new person in PeterRay. Although he can go straight very well, his turns can land him on his butt. He falls, crashes and bumps into all kinds of things and just get right back on and goes on his way. I am so impressed at his strength and determination to just keep getting better and stronger at his new love of bike riding..cheers to PeterRay!

Now my ballerina too has finally made her way somewhat out of her own shadow. It was all the talk in our home in early January with a very nice and generous friend from church offering Ballet lessons to some of our little girls. But once at first practice my girl just froze, wouldn't move, talk and barely was breathing I think?? It was a bit of a surprise yet not too much. Sophia really has to get to know a person before she lets you in; and although Ms. Lynn her teacher goes to our church they hadn't had regular play date if you will. After our first class I asked what happened and with a big sigh or maybe catching her breath she replied "I'm just so shy, Mommy". I asked if she wanted to continue and she did. And with that perfect timing we were invited to a Ballet show. Sophia and I both loved it, she sat and asked a zillion questions; like why weren't they talking, if they were real ballerina's etc. At the end I think she got it and at her most recent practice she participated and even cracked a smile and laughed during class.

Both my kids always amaze me with their talents, growth and vocabulary. Just this evening as I am blogging; I asked them both to entertain themselves for about an hour - about 20 minutes in I hear Sophia tell PeterRay "PeterRay there is a time for being loud and a time for being quite this is a quite time". Sponges I tell you, my little sponges full of love:)

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  1. LOVE the update on your beautiful, talented, smart and amazing kids (they get it all from their mom). You will be so happy you kept track of these memories and experiences. Glad to hear Peter Ray is doing well!


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