Friday, May 6, 2011

Here comes the sun....

Fourth year celebrating Peter's Birthday with both his kids on his lap, same table, same room!  Lets see just how many more years we have of the kids sitting on his lap....I say a lot more if they are anything like my sister and I with my father.  Happy 48th Birthday Peter

My Boy enjoying some huge bubbles at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. One of his favorite places to visit. A visit long over due, this was a big giant treat to the kids being that we have all been living at St. Josephs hospital. Much more fun when Peter is with us he plays with them and discovers much better than I. In due time....

Performing center row "Peter-Ray" singing "It's a Beautiful Day" and a beautiful day it was.

My Beautiful Godson and Daughter were in the audience. It feels like yesterday when I was sitting in an auditorium watching Richard perform in school productions and he's now 26, time passes you bye so quickly....stop and smell the roses. To my Richard, I love you mucho you are truly one of my cherished treasures in life...

The real deal...Ballet Etudes of Huntington Beach.  Sophia and I attended a beautiful afternoon of Alice and Wonderland performed by these talented young girls and boys. We had a perfect day. From watching the show, to going through a few work-shops with Sophia, practicing tips and photo's with real Ballerinas...ending perfectly with Tea and Treats with a Mad Hatter, Alice and Friends.

Four and counting....In the mist of all that was going on in our home I managed to pull off a small Birthday luncheon celebrating Sophia's 4th Birthday. I made a wish on top of what ever she made. A wish of good health, happiness, kindness to others and to go after her dreams. May my daughter be guided by God and dream as big as she desires...

Precious Moments.... Looking back at these pictures of Grandma Norma still bring tears to my eyes. Her visit last month was thus far the highlight of my year. The talks, the food, the shopping the getting to know her were just as I some how knew they'd be. I honestly feel I owe all this to God for he has and continues to guide me in my life to being a better person. To my Mother in Law thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart, I love you too...Bendicion`

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  1. Sophia is going to be a "star" ballerina herself before you know it. And what is with us being married to men that are almost 50?! I do not feel that old, do you?????


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