Friday, June 17, 2011

May into June 2011

Last Game came faster than one could say "you're out". Another year under our belt, bye bye my little Trojans...Hello West Coast Division with Peter Ray officially moving up into the next level of Baseball!

A Lesson from my Mother: Being brought up with a swimming pool summer could never come soon enough. Every April/May my sister and I would beg our Mother to allow us to go swimming. The only thing sunny was the sky as is 30 years later in April and May. But as I did so many years ago my kids repeated history if you will and started begging Peter and I to go swimming; claiming it was stifling hot out, the sun was burning their tiny bodies and the only thing to keep them from over heating and catching a fever would be a nice cool swim.  So as my mother did many cold sun sets ago; I said "Go ahead, knock your selves out, and swim till your little hearts are contents". Thirty plus years later the kids swam for all of 10 minutes came out with out a fuss, blue lipped and shivering and not asking to go back in for some time.....

 Sundance is his name, don't think of calling him by his birth name. That's my boy shhhh PeterRay in full cowboy attire and demeanor.  He even has a a crooked lip when he talks to you and is constantly telling you to put your hands up....or what? I keep asking his reply "you don't want to know" yikes so my hands go up!
My Father US Army Veteran ~ 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles
Celebrating Memorial Day because of Men like him....

There's a time in a Man's life when he needs to Cowboy up and Ride!

Sophia's first real Dance Classes have begun....It's amazing watching her, she's only got 3 classes under her belt and I still get pretty teary eyed watching her experience something I dreamed of as a little girl.  Because of so many people who love her she is able to experience this art all her own.  I know many little girls claim to want to be Ballerina's & Princesses when they grow up; well gone is the princess fantasy and in is the possible Ballerina faze. At least this one is achievable lets see how far she goes....

Words by Elton John:
Ballerina you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she's in me, always with me,
Tiny Dancer in my Hand....

Little Mermaid at Disney
Yet another adventure to Disneyland with the kids to hit the new ride at
DCA "Little Mermaid". The kids and I got to the park 1 hour before it opened to avoid crowds I thought, I truly believe people sleep in their parking lots because I have yet to see 0 crowds. Nevertheless we made it to Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Jelly Fish, Under the Sea Carousel, Monsters Ink and California Soring. Sophia is now 42" and can ride pretty much all the rides and many of these were a first, just when I thought our threesome days were coming to a short end guess who grew....

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  1. How is the new ride??? How fun for you guys to "drop in" whenever your heart desires... lucky you! How is Peter doing? Is he planning to go back to work soon? Love the photos of Sophia dancing. Can't wait til she grows up and gets her point shoes.


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