Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Great way to start a summer... Our summer began with PeterRay joining Boy Scouts. After a tough year this is just what the doctor ordered. PeterRay was so welcomed into troop 507, it totally touched my heart. I know my kids are always making my heart feel as if it couldn't get any bigger and more appreciative that it already has but it does. 

Sophia on the other hand has traded in her shy bug for a pair of dancing shoes. She blossomed into this little girl with an imagination and love for make believe. I can watch her for hours playing with her dolls and barbies or just playing by the pool and dancing to her favorite tune.

On a rare occasion we and I mean we the entire Gonzalez family went to Disney to test out the new rides at the park; Sophia and I loved Little Mermaid and Peter & PeterRay loved Star Tours. We all loved being together and watching Sophia pass the 42" height requirement to ride most of the rides in the park such as California Soaring. I know one who knows us thinks its just another walk in the park but this particular occasion was just special to us all.

And when all else fails and your having a so so day and feel so so, I love the fact that in 20 minutes the kids and I can enter one of our favorite beaches, walk on the shore, play in the sand and feel the breeze of the ocean on our bodies. Our so so day immediately turns into a so fun day!

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