Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wanglers, Boots n Spurs

My little cowboy and cowgirl (literally my little cowgirl)
you say jump rope he says lasso!

A fun field afternoon at the Cowboy and Cowgirls Western Festival at the Gene Autry Museum. Our highlight square dancing in the court yard and watching my son get his western groove on and dance with all these lady partners. Wish I would have captured it but guess who was dancing too!


Boy Scout hiking badge...check!

Peter Ray earned his first badge with Boy Scouts this past July. He and Peter joined our troop 507 for a hike in the Santa Anita Canyon. They both came home super tired and hungry. Needless to say it kicked their behinds. My only regret is not being able to join them, Peter and I split our day me going to church with Sophia and watching her perform with all her VBS friends and Peter hiking with PeterRay. And as much as I love taking pics of my kids every mile stone can you believe Peter isn't our family photographer and didn't really capture their hike. However the stories were to die for, he had me crying with laughter as he told his version of the hike that he said almost killed him.  Peter may not join us at church on Sundays but on this particular Sunday my husband was praying. 

VBS 2011

Relay time....PeterRay with Miranda

and Sophia with Annie!

Sophia having a funny lunch break, I guess???

the infamous Green Group; Annie, Sophia, Emma, Amaris & Philip!

The kids and I participated for a second year with our church VBS program. It was the highlight of our summer thus far. I think equally we were looking forward to it and enjoyed it even more than we'd imagined. We spent a full week of being with some of our closest friends. I prepared all the meals daily for 30+ kids and leaders and enjoyed every minute of it. This year had a bit of an extra treat to the three of us as our good friends the Ponsigliones (Miranda & Annie) joined our VBS. That on top of being around some of the best moms, dads and leaders I wouldn't have asked for a more perfect week.

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