Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodbye August 2011

Our summer is coming to a near end.  With an ending always comes new beginnings; that said Peter Ray earned his final patch for the summer with Boy Scouts at the Newport Sea Base "Row Boat Safety". We the family had 2 invites that same day and a tough call to not attend either my best friends sons  3rd birthday and (Peter Rays favorite cousin) Quincee's 8th Birthday.  Instead we stuck to our reserved Row Boat Safety class with Peter Ray. The entire experience really ironed out the decision. Peter joined us too and hit the road with the kids and I into Newport one of our favorite beaches. Took him cruising into Crystal Cove. Crystal Cove always makes me feel better one of my favorites beaches, I must admit I like it better empty, cant' wait for all those beach goers to go home and give me my private little beach back. Come October it's just me, the kids, a beach ranger and a lovely Crystal Cove....

Also in August I attended the Sade Concert with special guest John Legend. I must say I've seen some great performances in my time and this by far was mesmerizing. Sade didn't skip a beat and put on a show to remember for a very long time...thanks to my little sister for the invite once again. John Legend was awesome too!

 Bike riding was a ritual this summer with Sophia being on her own. Gone are the days of me walking/running beside them. Horray are the days of what I thought would be of us riding side by side instead thus far are the days of me yelling TURN RIGHT, STOP, GO LEFT YOUR OTHER LEFT! Nevertheless we truly enjoy our bikes and the ventures we discover on ever ride from Peter Ray skidding out on gravel and realizing he can't brake hard and turn at the same time with out falling, to Sophia looking every where but forward and hitting a tree literally. My yelling turns what I visioned as a nice ride through our beautiful parks into a bit of an ordinary day of me yelling with a much prettier back drop rather than home or our local super market.

As I say goodbye to summer I welcome a new school year filled with 2-1/2 hours of free time Mon.-Friday on my hands.  Maybe I shouldn't jinx this free time cause God only knows I see open space on my agenda and double book myself. So here's to me and two kids in school!

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