Sunday, November 27, 2011

On our way to school....

A few weeks ago on my way to taking Peter Ray to school we hadn't been in the car for more than a minute, mind you our drive is less than 10 minutes.
Peter Ray asked; "how are babies made". 
In my head I was like no you didn't ask me this on the way to school, out loud I replied...
Well, males like yourself have sperm inside your ..... sperm is very tiny under a microscope they look like guppies. Now females have eggs in their ovaries, ovaries are located inside a female bodies around the area behind our bellybuttons. They don't look like an egg we eat but are round shaped under a microscope. Now once the sperm enters the egg it grows into a human, it takes 9 months for this baby to grow in a female body - and once it fully grows it comes out.
Peter Ray's response so the egg cracks and the baby comes out.
Me: Sort of remember it's not a real egg, but the baby is fully grown after nine months of being in it's moms stomach, so it has to come out.
Peter Ray: like a sperm whale their babies come out after nine months too, so you and sperm wales have babies in nine months...

10 minutes later we are in his school parking lot and he tells me see you after school Mom, love you! As if this was the normal on the way to school conversation for him, it hadn't fazed him one bit what I just said. I said I love you too see in a few hours buddy! He said bye bye Mommy Whale! 

Uncles and Thanksgiving...

Growing up my mother had 4 brothers. One uncle stood out; my Uncle John. He was a true Hippie, long haired, tie dye t-shirts, ripped jeans, beads around his neck, earrings, silver jewelry and sandals. I have this vivid memory of him walking down my grandmothers driveway dressed as I described. As a young little girl I was probably 7 or 8 I looked up at him like wow, like how cool, how unique---very godly like. My Uncle John is no longer with us; however, this past Thanksgiving my Sophia was playing with my other uncle - Uncle George, she was sitting on his lap, his head, his back and carrying a conversation with him for over an hour. It was simply deja-vu for me watching them together, I saw in her the complete utter amazement of this man I felt for my Uncle John. Both my uncle John and George share so many unique personality trates it's no wonder she bonded  with George, he's unique, he's cool, dresses for himself, is cool and of course an old hippie! I know my uncle John was looking down on all of us on Thanksgiving, I was sure looking up at him and remembering what a beautiful soul he had...I was Thankful for knowing this man even if it was for a short time.....


Being an amature photographer I'm always looking for new spots to take pictures, I've pretty much got the best beaches in Southern California at my fingertips and so I'm now venturing into our beautiful mountains here in So Cal.

Canyon Park in Monrovia...
My sister told me about this hidden treasure and I couldn't get up there quick enough. The kids, my sister and I went on the mini hike up the canyon to their waterfall. Although I use the word mini, it was pretty steep; nevertheless we made it to the falls. The kids loved it and as we hiked we talked about Mother Nature how important it is to recycle, not litter and keep places like Canyon Park safe. Peter Ray was my partner, which was a nice change up for us. Not to change the subject but someone asked me recently which child I favored; and I still stand firm with neither. My response was I love hanging with Sophia because we have the girl thing in common; we both love watching musicals, getting our nails done, eating (ha!ha!), watching cool videos like The Red Shoes etc.  As for Peter Ray, my response was just that he's my Peter Ray, he's funny, bright, curious beyond expectations, real, sensitive and has a kind heart not a mean bone in this little mans soul.  Therefore being my partner on this hike was nice bonding time for us. He constantly held my hand and helped me as much as I helped him. As for Sophia her and Roxanne paved out path to and from the falls I'm sure their bond was nice too!

At the end of the hike although all were tired; I will come back with a few learned lessons on my photographer like noise off on my camera....Looking forward to being with Mother Nature and my kids at Canyon Park in the very near future!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

GoBbLe GoBbLe 2011

So much to be thankful for the Thanksgiving. Sophia had a fever for 2 days, nothing major just a fever with a few aches and pains. Took her to urgent care and thank God it was just a flew bug.  Came home and Peter looked at me and said we are really lucky. I said yes I know it's just the flew. His reply was more deep. Lucky we have insurance and the ability and means to take our kids to a doctor we know and trust. He went on to say how sad he felt that so many children and parents are out there with no insurance or means to stay healthy. Got me to thinking....this year although challenging to my little family with Peter being in the hospital for almost 2 months we still had our extended families by our sides, good friends, my church and most of  all my trust in God in guiding me and my family through a very emotional challenging time. We are out of the woods but so many families are not. My goal from the time my kids were born was to teach them to be good citizens, kind to one another, giving and most of all believe in their faith. I know they do believe in God he is very much a part of our daily life's, so with more hope and faith I hope all the rest follow.

School Memories 2011

With both kids in school, I thought I'd be bored. Bored is obviously not in my real life. Hence sense the kids began school I'm busier than before. My daily schedule goes something like this:

5:30am - wake up, shower, make lunches, breakfast
6:15am - wake kids up if not already up
7:25am - off to Peter Rays school (school starts at 8am)
8-9:00am - tidy up any PTA responsibilities
9:30am - home Start making dinner and do chores and a couple of grocery runs, bank runs, postal runs the usual.
11:30am - take Sophia to school
12:00pm - back home to turn off dinner and finish cleaning house
1:45pm - pick up Peter Ray (gets off of 2:25pm)
2:25pm - jam and I mean jam from Peter Rays school to Sophia's school (she gets off at 2:45) it's tight and we always make it...thank god!
3:15pm - home unpack the kids, give them a snack
3:30pm - Peters Home
4:00pm - Homework time with Peter Ray
5:00pm - Dinner
6:00pm - Dinner clean up and finish up more homework for Peter Ray
7:00pm - kids in the shower
8:00pm - kids bed time and sometimes mine!

Note this is a schedule with no  Boy Scouts, Baseball and PTA Meetings all happening in the middle of the week at various times and days!  I'm never bored, bored is a foreign word in our house, I hate when I hear kids and/or adults say they are bored. As a young girl my sister and I were never bored and now as an adult I'm still never bored. Does bored even really exist???

HaLoWeEn 2011

Finally the kids let me sew for Halloween! In early September I got my Martha Stewart October subscription and I immediately new what I wanted Sophia to be...."Little Miss Monstrous" aka The Bride of Frankenstein. I had to choose my words very carefully and emphasize that she would be wearing red lipstick and red nail polish. She did say she wouldn't wear the wig, the wig totally makes this costume so once again I had some convincing to do. Finally when browsing the Halloween shops I showed her the wig and she said, don't cut my hair off!!!!! I was like what? She thought by wearing a wig I would have to cut all her hair off, once she realized all we had to do was tuck and hide it was a go! Now PeterRay on the other had, picked and wanted to be Dracula aka Vampire; however, it was a bit too easy he didn't want to wear makeup or have a single trace of blood????? Again, I just did what I do and started painting him lightly and once he saw how scary he looked he was good, the blood did take some convincing. Nevertheless I had a ball dressing them I hope next year is just as fun!

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