Sunday, November 20, 2011

HaLoWeEn 2011

Finally the kids let me sew for Halloween! In early September I got my Martha Stewart October subscription and I immediately new what I wanted Sophia to be...."Little Miss Monstrous" aka The Bride of Frankenstein. I had to choose my words very carefully and emphasize that she would be wearing red lipstick and red nail polish. She did say she wouldn't wear the wig, the wig totally makes this costume so once again I had some convincing to do. Finally when browsing the Halloween shops I showed her the wig and she said, don't cut my hair off!!!!! I was like what? She thought by wearing a wig I would have to cut all her hair off, once she realized all we had to do was tuck and hide it was a go! Now PeterRay on the other had, picked and wanted to be Dracula aka Vampire; however, it was a bit too easy he didn't want to wear makeup or have a single trace of blood????? Again, I just did what I do and started painting him lightly and once he saw how scary he looked he was good, the blood did take some convincing. Nevertheless I had a ball dressing them I hope next year is just as fun!

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