Sunday, November 27, 2011


Being an amature photographer I'm always looking for new spots to take pictures, I've pretty much got the best beaches in Southern California at my fingertips and so I'm now venturing into our beautiful mountains here in So Cal.

Canyon Park in Monrovia...
My sister told me about this hidden treasure and I couldn't get up there quick enough. The kids, my sister and I went on the mini hike up the canyon to their waterfall. Although I use the word mini, it was pretty steep; nevertheless we made it to the falls. The kids loved it and as we hiked we talked about Mother Nature how important it is to recycle, not litter and keep places like Canyon Park safe. Peter Ray was my partner, which was a nice change up for us. Not to change the subject but someone asked me recently which child I favored; and I still stand firm with neither. My response was I love hanging with Sophia because we have the girl thing in common; we both love watching musicals, getting our nails done, eating (ha!ha!), watching cool videos like The Red Shoes etc.  As for Peter Ray, my response was just that he's my Peter Ray, he's funny, bright, curious beyond expectations, real, sensitive and has a kind heart not a mean bone in this little mans soul.  Therefore being my partner on this hike was nice bonding time for us. He constantly held my hand and helped me as much as I helped him. As for Sophia her and Roxanne paved out path to and from the falls I'm sure their bond was nice too!

At the end of the hike although all were tired; I will come back with a few learned lessons on my photographer like noise off on my camera....Looking forward to being with Mother Nature and my kids at Canyon Park in the very near future!


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