Sunday, November 27, 2011

On our way to school....

A few weeks ago on my way to taking Peter Ray to school we hadn't been in the car for more than a minute, mind you our drive is less than 10 minutes.
Peter Ray asked; "how are babies made". 
In my head I was like no you didn't ask me this on the way to school, out loud I replied...
Well, males like yourself have sperm inside your ..... sperm is very tiny under a microscope they look like guppies. Now females have eggs in their ovaries, ovaries are located inside a female bodies around the area behind our bellybuttons. They don't look like an egg we eat but are round shaped under a microscope. Now once the sperm enters the egg it grows into a human, it takes 9 months for this baby to grow in a female body - and once it fully grows it comes out.
Peter Ray's response so the egg cracks and the baby comes out.
Me: Sort of remember it's not a real egg, but the baby is fully grown after nine months of being in it's moms stomach, so it has to come out.
Peter Ray: like a sperm whale their babies come out after nine months too, so you and sperm wales have babies in nine months...

10 minutes later we are in his school parking lot and he tells me see you after school Mom, love you! As if this was the normal on the way to school conversation for him, it hadn't fazed him one bit what I just said. I said I love you too see in a few hours buddy! He said bye bye Mommy Whale! 

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!! You need to teach sex ed in Jr. High you little Mama Whale!


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