Sunday, November 20, 2011

School Memories 2011

With both kids in school, I thought I'd be bored. Bored is obviously not in my real life. Hence sense the kids began school I'm busier than before. My daily schedule goes something like this:

5:30am - wake up, shower, make lunches, breakfast
6:15am - wake kids up if not already up
7:25am - off to Peter Rays school (school starts at 8am)
8-9:00am - tidy up any PTA responsibilities
9:30am - home Start making dinner and do chores and a couple of grocery runs, bank runs, postal runs the usual.
11:30am - take Sophia to school
12:00pm - back home to turn off dinner and finish cleaning house
1:45pm - pick up Peter Ray (gets off of 2:25pm)
2:25pm - jam and I mean jam from Peter Rays school to Sophia's school (she gets off at 2:45) it's tight and we always make it...thank god!
3:15pm - home unpack the kids, give them a snack
3:30pm - Peters Home
4:00pm - Homework time with Peter Ray
5:00pm - Dinner
6:00pm - Dinner clean up and finish up more homework for Peter Ray
7:00pm - kids in the shower
8:00pm - kids bed time and sometimes mine!

Note this is a schedule with no  Boy Scouts, Baseball and PTA Meetings all happening in the middle of the week at various times and days!  I'm never bored, bored is a foreign word in our house, I hate when I hear kids and/or adults say they are bored. As a young girl my sister and I were never bored and now as an adult I'm still never bored. Does bored even really exist???

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