Sunday, November 27, 2011

Uncles and Thanksgiving...

Growing up my mother had 4 brothers. One uncle stood out; my Uncle John. He was a true Hippie, long haired, tie dye t-shirts, ripped jeans, beads around his neck, earrings, silver jewelry and sandals. I have this vivid memory of him walking down my grandmothers driveway dressed as I described. As a young little girl I was probably 7 or 8 I looked up at him like wow, like how cool, how unique---very godly like. My Uncle John is no longer with us; however, this past Thanksgiving my Sophia was playing with my other uncle - Uncle George, she was sitting on his lap, his head, his back and carrying a conversation with him for over an hour. It was simply deja-vu for me watching them together, I saw in her the complete utter amazement of this man I felt for my Uncle John. Both my uncle John and George share so many unique personality trates it's no wonder she bonded  with George, he's unique, he's cool, dresses for himself, is cool and of course an old hippie! I know my uncle John was looking down on all of us on Thanksgiving, I was sure looking up at him and remembering what a beautiful soul he had...I was Thankful for knowing this man even if it was for a short time.....

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