Saturday, February 4, 2012

At his own Pace....

It's been sometime, the holidays have come and gone. School has been out and now back in. Our holidays were blessed with family and good friends.

PeterRay in these photo's reflect just who he is, he's allot like me in so many ways it's crazy. Everything comes on his terms and with much well thought out time of just how and when he is ready to do about anything. I feel sometimes I am the only one who understands him because I've been there, afraid to go, afraid of the unknown. We are cautious being he and I. I've never broken a bone, gotten a stitch or been in the hospital (except for having him and Sophia). So with all that I give him so much respect and understanding that everything will be as it should and when he is good and ready. To date he loves baseball, knows he may not be first choice but loves it anyway. Gosh I wish I had an ounce of his pride and confidence when I was his age. He told me after baseball tryouts the other day. "Mom I did OK, didn't hit the ball and didn't catch all the balls the threw my may caught a few, but it's OK I had a good time and I just love playing baseball it's my favorite sport". I almost cried when he told me this as I am while I type. I believe in my heart and soul, he will be an exceptional player one day it will happen when the time is right for him! I personally think he's pretty good, confidence and the love of a sport can take one to so many levels. This is just the norm for him with school, sports, hip hop, jokes, swimming, singing and piano. All his favorite subjects just waiting patiently to shine for all too see not just me, because I always see him shine in everything he does and touches. I don't know what he'll be when he grows up, he's got a million ideas of what he wants to be, but I tell you this what ever it is he'll shine!

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