Saturday, February 4, 2012

G is for.....

With a new year comes change. Change means to become different or make different. Well I am Sophia's new teacher. After much consideration I knew this back in September but it took some guts and a little convincing on Peter's part to home school her for pre-school. So with no further ado our first couple of weeks have gone great. Sophia is her own little person. She is not afraid of much, she loves to dive right in a bit of a dare devil. Loves the ocean and sand between her toes. She loves her dance girlfriends and has a blast with them; it's all about Jordan, Haily, Americas and Joey those are her girls. She's turning 5 in a few months and she's decided to have a party where boys are welcome. this is all for PeterRay she said. She even has his best bud on her invite list. When I hear my kids being so thoughtful to one another I know I'm doing something right. They never leave each other out, if I'm shopping with one the other always makes sure I bring the other one home something. Example PeterRays friend celebrated a birthday in class, he passed out cupcakes and PeterRay asked if he could have one for Sophia. So the feelings are mutual. I have to remember stuff like this, because during our more critical awakening hours they fight like cats and dogs but I know their hearts are real and are filled with love for each other. Like today at the beach, there were no kids, no sand toys, no adults just the 3 of us on a white sandy beach. They used their imaginations and let me relax in the sun as they played quietly and peacefully in the sand; singing and making up characters and stuff they really just seemed so peaceful. I called Peter from my little spot on the sand and said we have to move to the beach one day, it's truly beach or bust for us one day. He just laughed but also knows how much the kids and I just love the ocean and how at peace and at home we feel at pretty much any beach in California.  When we packed up to go home Sophia said she had the GREATEST day ever and asked if GREATEST began with the letter G....

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  1. You are definitely doing it right JoAnn!! You have darling kids that are loving and kind and you are teaching them true values that they will carry with them throughout their life when you are no longer there to "help" them with their choices... (sniff sniff) Great pictures too!


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