Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Peter Ray is officially a 3rd grader as of today. He walked into school this morning a second grader and left a third grader.  This past year has been challenging for him and as usual big Peter was right. And we all know how hard it is for me to swallow Peter being right, but I have and I'm proud of Peter Ray for surpassing all the obstacle's and shinning when he was good and ready.

Here he is swimming for the first of many times this summer, every year it's the same routine. He starts off at the shallow end and within minutes he's jumping and cherry bombing everyone around him in the deep side....

SMORES - A first for him and of course he loved it, I can't get PeterRay to try much of anything knew but you put chocolate, a graham cracker and a marsh mellow and he just might like it duhhh.

 Pen Pals at Enders! We were welcomed with bells, ribbons and a great BBQ meeting our year long pen pals at Enderes. It was nice seeing PeterRay and his Pen Pal have lunch together and chill under the beautiful garden at Enders.


Peter Ray and his Poetry Cafe Team... I think our team rocked, Peter Ray memorized his poem and spoke nice and clear I was truly proud of him and happy he didn't let the butterflies he claimed where bothering him in the morning get the best of him.

BYE BYE Baseball Season 2012

2012 West Coast Trojans with Coach Luis at
CGGLL Closing Ceremonies

Winner for a 3rd year in a row and finally coming in 1st place for selling 675 candy bars for his league. A close second was our friend Veronica who is new to our league and sold 525 bars. I was proud of all of them. Peter Ray however, was the big winner and came home with a nice prize!


AUTHOR TEA: PeterRay wrote a book this year in class along with all his classmates, they each had to write a story and do all their own illustrations and then read them to an audience of parents. PeterRay worked on his book for weeks and the illustrations even longer. His book was about "Sea Life under the Sea". Again the butterflies didn't get the best of my little author he did wonderful, read nice and clear and loud. Sophia and I were his biggest fans that morning. 

Last Day of School, she seems more excited than he does??? Maybe it's because I won't have to wake her up for the next two months to take him to school. He left our home an second grader and came home a third grader. He even looked taller when he got home!

2012-2013 Third Grader!

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