Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating my words

I often hear from parents how fast their kids grow and to enjoy every minute with with them while they are young. Up until last night I've never really had that feeling of time moving too fast if you will. I've always felt because I've been so lucky to stay home with my kids from the time they were born and am around them till this day 24/7 I feel like time is just right for us, not too fast not too slow.

Well last night the kids & visited Disney for the ump hundredth time, but this time we went late in the day (after the heat died down). We went on rides they hadn't been on like Peter Pan (the line is usually too long a wait) we rode the canoe's a first for me too!  The kids also did a few solo rides with me riding behind them, it's a baby step to them riding completly alone one day soon. They seemed a little apprehensive at first when I offered to sit one seat or ride behind but by the second ride they encouraged me to ride alone.  It was cute seeing Sophia tuck herself into PeterRays arm pit when the ride got too dark or fast. On our way out to dinner we got supper lucky and caught  front row seats to the parade that started 5 minutes after we sat down - talk about luck.  We had dinner at the hotel their favorite and visited the newly renovated Lego Store for Peter Ray to float through and pick up another Ninjago item to his collection.  Then took Sophia to her first visit and experience to Build a Bear. After dinner we headed back into the park and got front row seats to the Fire Work Show - a top Main Streets Train Station Depot.  As the very loud sound system played some of Disney's most classic songs and music, it literally jolted your body it was so loud. And as the Firework show began; Sophia was dancing and Peter Ray was  tapping his foot (he does this when he really likes a song and tries to be cool in public places). I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of this time a time I  hope to remember forever. A time people say will pass and I will miss, a time I hope they remember as I did, a time I wont get back. I started to cry just a bit, filled with joy, love and appreciation for so many things in my life. But mostly because for the first time I realized time is going by and precious moments like this only happen once.

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