Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy July 2012

Happy Fourth and Happy Birthday to My Cool Uncle George
 Fourth of July Firework Fun...
 Grandma Jojo and Phia
 BFF's Peter & KB
 Grandma & Grandpa with their little angels....
 Rox and Dad
 Here's the story on the fourth...Uncle George always has some sort of a hook up on fireworks, we've bought fireworks through his friend Ronnie for the past 15 plus years. Ronnie my uncles dear friend and sponsor passed away this year. It was sad not to see or hear from him this year realizing not only did we lose our friend (a child hood friend of my mother and uncle), but my uncle lost his sponsor and dear friend. My uncle found us a new hook up and no one questioned it; that is until the first firework went off....it sounded like a bomb went off in my driveway and when I asked my uncle where he got these fireworks he said at a corner gas station. That sounded right, there are one on every corner in our neighborhood why not his. What he initially left out was he bought them from a guy at the gas station selling boxes out of his trunk???? Big difference, needless to say I was glad when the last firework was light.

 Cousins...est. 1930 from my grandmothers side.
Ballesteros, Alvarez's & Gonzalez's all Jaramillo's in our roots!
Ms. Sophia showing off her Henna Tattoo at Amanda's Aladdin Birthday Party

 PeterRay & Sophia at the San Diego Safari Park

 this one is not mine....

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  1. Are you SURE that last one isn't yours?! :) That's hilarious about the "illegal" fireworks--you were probably the envy on the block. Fireworks were totally banned this year for us with all the fires and temperatures in the 100's... bummer. Happy Summer!!


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