Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer lovin, had us a blast...

Our summer started off with a 2 week rest for the kids and I...for the first couple of weeks we just slept in, had 0 schedules and swam in our pool till our hearts and brains were nice and relaxed. And then the blast began. Every year I ask the kids were they want to go, last year Legoland, this year Sea World. Between you and I Sea World has never been my favorite place, I've been their twice all before I had kids and each visit not too exciting. Well I've had a change of heart, this time around I was crazy pleased with every show & exhibit. I know it's because my kids have shown me a new side of life and how to see things more clearly, more beautiful. The kids and I chucked around Sea World until 8pm we were exhausted in a good way. I can't wait to go you Sea World!

 There first visit seeing Shamu, total amazement!
 Here favorite spot in all the shows...the SPLASH ZONE.
One of PeterRays favorite exhibits....SHARK ATTACK!
 Our #1 favorite show of all the Dolphins....
 IN THE ARTIC...BRRRRRR - waiting to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales and Penguins
 His first time touching a Sting Ray....way to proud!
 Our retreat in San Diego, Coronado just beautiful...thanks to my wonderful Sister & Kevin for the treat and a most relaxing and beautiful Hotel!
 Some like it hot with PeterRay & Sophia  Hotel Del Coronado
 Coronado Beach, the sand was a soft as powder and had gold specs in it. I told the kids this had to have been shipped in or is this just a little piece of heaven....just golden and beautiful!
 He told me he wasn't going in, he said he just wanted to watch Sophia and explore hmmmm....

 I guess he couldn't help lil Alex from his favorite movie "The Black Stallion".
 In her favorite place to be....beach bound and free!
 Talk about feeling safe....they came out of no where. Hats off to all the women and men who serve and protect our beautiful country!
A Top Coronado!

Back in Long Beach California we squeezed one more excursion into our last summer days...kayaking in Naples. It was perfect, the sun was setting, Michael helped me out and joined us (without him this wouldn't have been possible- 2 riders per kayak, we are 3) thanks Michael. And to make it a more perfect setting Mr. Sea Lion followed us around for about half our trip, diving and honking made it all the merrier and made us all love what Summer brought to us this summer in a blast kind of way.

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