Monday, October 22, 2012

8irthday 8oy

My beautiful boy Peter Ray turned 8 this year. He is still marching to his own beat, listening to my classic rock tunes, a vegetarian, loves baseball, golf, trains and peace.

  • Marching to his own beat: he's not a follower, never has been never will. He follows his own rhythm. An admiration I have any many people who do this, I'm especially proud I'm raising one.
  • Music: although his father would love to say Peter Ray loves salsa music, he truly loves classic beats like the Beatles, Rollingstones, Steve Miller Band etc. He not only loves the music but loves knowing about each musician loves the history of where they came from where they are now. This is our special bonding time; I cant wait to take him to a few concerts if the bands are still alive. If not I've got it covered - Cover Bands!!
  • Still no meat for this BIG guy, our family has just accepted Peter Ray and his reasoning for not eating meat. I didn't eat meat for about 5 years and didn't really miss it and as my father always said "you don't miss what you don't have". Peter Ray still loves his nuts and granola and peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwiches and lots of milk.
  • Baseball is still his sport of choice, he loves this game and his Yankee's. His position; short stop and is currently working on his pitching skills. He has been playing the sport since he was 4; I love watching him grow and excel each season.
  • Golf: This past year he practiced allot at the driving range with Daddy. Finally played his first 18 holes over the summer and even played at PGA Course in Palm Springs. He's got about 4 - 18 hole games under his belt, I know I'll lose count this coming year.
  • Trains: Still his true passion above all, he still has a true love for these metal wheeled vehicles. Just when I think he knows all there is to know about trains he takes it step further and learns where they go and why; from learning a bit about our beautiful country like Wyoming and North Dakota Peter Ray can tell you why certain trains travel to certain areas and their numbers to what they carry and so on. So I truly believe trains will forever be a part of his and our lives. Sometimes I'm reading an article and come across a city I'm not familiar with like Horseshoe Bend Idaho and Peter Ray will say he's heard of it because that's where "The Thunder Mountain Line" runes through...
  • Peace: PeterRay has never been a fighter, don't think he ever will be. He the type of guy who'd rather share a victory than to take it all for him self. His choice of words are always words like: Family Rules, Team Wins. As a parent this is sometimes hard to digest because our world isn't always fare. Sometimes people think they can take advantage of niceness. But thus far Peter Ray doesn't seem affected by it and when I talk to him about situations where he's been taken advantage of or something of that nature he usually replies with "it's OK" or "it doesn't bother me" or "I just ignore them". Perfect example a girl in his class for 2+ years, sweet girl, great parents but another who marches to her own beat. We are at a school function and Peter Ray and a friend walk in together and the friend says don't sit next to ------ she's weird! I'm walking behind them and before I could respond Peter Ray was quick to say; :weird? no she's not she's my friend and sits next to her and invites the other friend to squeeze in and sit with them; she opted not to and Peter Ray was like no big deal and started up a conversation with his little friend. I hope this never changes and I change. Change in the sense of feeling like I have to protect his every inch, change in the sense of wanting to trip the mean girl, change in the sense of how I see the world and try seeing it through my beautiful sons eyes and mind.

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