Friday, December 7, 2012


Every holiday I feel blessed because I am always surrounded by my family and children. But as the years go by, I get older my family and friends get older. Illnesses are more familiar with the elder and sometimes even the younger. I look at my family today with a better perspective on what is really important in life. I always see these prints to hang in your home that read something like this; "live, love, laugh". Somethine I think I for sure have taken for granted.  As if Peter's illness a few years ago wasn't a rude awakening at how easily, how quickly ones life can change at the blink of an eye. This holiday season, I want my kids to know and feel the love of family and friends to know and love their God and believe he is guiding us, teaching us and loving us along our journey in life. 

I am Thankful to my beautiful children, I love you more than all the planets on this universe and as Sophia would say to heaven and back and as much as Peter Ray would say to eternity. To my husband who still calls me Ma as a term of endearment even when I'm being not so nice and tells me he loves me at the end of every phone conversation. To my friends who make me laugh and listen to my daily adventures and complains, to my parents and sister who love me unconditionally and to my extended family in New York for welcoming me and making me feel so comfortable and welcome, welcomed so much I didn't want to leave and cried privately on the night before we had to leave. Thank you to Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Cabral for keeping my gospel real for pushing me to seek God at all turns in life and to my bestie for making me laugh when I feel like crying and making me cry when the laugh is so grand as our friendship is Grand.

I am blessed and not just with a home and health but more so for the love I've gained along my journey in life but also for the love I continue to receive.

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  1. Beautiful post!! Your thoughts and heart are definitely in the right place...


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