Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful Blessed Beloved Spring

As our winter came to a quick end, spring kicked into full gear; unfortunately Peter Ray and I have crazy allergies and we've been sneezing and on allergy tablets for almost  6 weeks now. We can't complain because the weather is just BEAUTIFUL. With Peter Ray in his 4th year of baseball he is playing incredibly well this year and we couldn't ask for a better team. All the parents and boys are super great and involved and we are having a blast....we (PeterRay, Peter, Sophia and I are making new friends for life).

If I'm not at the field I'm at the school helping Sophia's class or just helping Sophia. My poor Phia got hit hard this flu season with multiple trips to her pediatrician and urgent care. So bad she sort of passed her little germs around our home and I got hit pretty good; lost my voice completely and had a mild case of walking pneumonia. Sophia did manage with all the school she's missed to nab a Math award at the end of the semester.. Our Easter Sunday was affected by our illnesses and we just hung low with my sister, who always no matter if she's serving 1 guest or 20 puts on a beautiful comfy brunch! I am so BLESSED to have a sister as I do and everything else in my life; children who are healthy and funny, great friends and family.

My good friend and I were just talking how our lives ever revolve and what was sort of important 5 years ago is sort of not. That less is good and more is just maybe too much. It's principals of life that are important to me these days. Being a part of my kids everyday life, teaching them, learning from them and evolving as a mother and a woman.

With all this going on in the early part of the new year; as if the stars new to make my Sophia better to celebrate her 6th birthday, she was fever free, ear ache free and cold/flu free to party with her friends.  With my sister and I pulling out all the bells and whistles of an Art Theme Event my BELOVED Sophia had a BEAUTIFULLY, BLESSED birthday.
Ms. Sophia at cousin Dominicks Party!

#2 Peter Ray Gonzalez

Easter Morning 2013

Kinder Semester Awards Ceremony "Math Award" for Ms. Phia!
Easter Blessings...

2013 CGGLL Titans

Kinder Field Trip to Centenial Farms

Baby Chick at Centenial

The Birthday Girl

Making a Wish...

Celebrating with her big brother aka partner in crime...

The Birthday PARTY
My lil Scientist - 3rd Grade Entry into GP Science Fair!

My baseball player...

at bat #2 from Garden Grove California "Peter Ray Gonzalez"

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