Monday, August 26, 2013

New York Vacation Story est. 2013

July 5, 2013 - The kids and I flew to New York for our summer adventure! 
Thank goodness for Ipad, normally they have a time slot allotted for how much time them spend on this little gadget; however, while traveling 7+ hours all rules were lifted!

Once settled in, we made our first trip into the city via buses, taxi's and trains.
First stop the Met!

A cab ride across the park to the Museum of Natural History: The story behind this goes something like this. Peter Ray had a wish list and it was here we had to go and see the only Hyenadon Skeleton. After several trips up and down the 4 floors and 6 wings and lots of miss directions from the ushers we found it. I was so proud of him for knowing so much about this creature he even gave the usher who finally figured out where this Hyenadon was a bit of history on them.

Time Square, not there favorite place: in their words too busy, smelly and different people. Naked Cowboy, Nude Body Art Work, Guys Selling tickets to about anything and me saying over and over hold hands, look forward and don't let go! I hindsite maybe Times Square is a bit PG for my G rated kids. 

Back into a cab to Battery Park and a Ferry Ride to Ms. Liberty

The day was hot and a bit humid, but clear as clear and just beautiful for my camera!

A bus ride back into Upper East Side led them to a place they did like...FAO 

On the Second floor of FAO over looking the posh 5th Avenue

Back in Upstate New York Peter arrived a week after us! My father inlaw planned a train ride in Ulster County for the kids, we rode a Diesel Train threw the beautiful country side of the Catskills in Ulster. It was just beautiful and relaxing for us all.

Fire Work Extravaganza! This was in the middle of a huge huge park and the fire work show would have Disney running! My brother inlaw and his wife shuffled us off to this huge huge park and we laid out blankets and watched this show  that was just awesome!

 Back into the city to catch a Yankee Game!

 Just in case the got out of line NY's finest were there (haha)
It was kids Bat Day, yah for us!

In stead of shooting back home from the game Peter took us on a tour of his old neighborhood in the Bronx. We saw the building he grew up in and were his grandmother and uncles lived. One thing I learned; my husband has the worst sense of direction, he gets lost every where but not here. He knew this neighborhood like the back of his palm. After all it was his home for 18+ years, some things just stick and the South Bronx are embedded in my husband for sure!

With the weather spiking to the triple digits we spent lots of late afternoons in the pool!

Our first hike was Chadwick Lake, this is one of my mirror image photo's I took, no photo shop just me a lense and timing.

hiking & exploring Chadwick

 A hike in Gardiner; lots of discoveries, antique shops, good pizza and 4 leg creature friends like this 5 week old calf.

 Our last hike was Lake Minnewaska! We for sure saved the best for last, I cant wait to go back and hike the south side as we were only able to cover the north side of the lake, again just beautiful!

We crossed lots of bridges daily, I tried catching a photo of each. Don't think I succeeded but I tried.
 Going Fishing with Poppa Ray, I missed this field trip and opted to have lunch and get my nails done with my mother in law. I think it was a great trade.

Just a snip of my mother inlaws land (10 acres in all)

He loves...after a few days in upstate and all hiked out I got cabin fever, so Peter took me back into the city so we could tour the Empire State building. It was Peter's and the kids first. I've done this several times when I worked in the city. Going with the 3 of them was different and funny as all the of us had different interest. Sophia's looking at all the apartment gardens and  Peter Ray naming all the bridges. 

Subway Station Experience

Back in the Bronx

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