Sunday, October 13, 2013

HaRvEsT Blessings in October 2013
As my little sister headed to sunny Hawaii the kids and I stayed at her home for the weekend. Although I've grown found of O.C. and the beaches I long to live on, I also love my sisters closeness to the San Gabriel Canyons and Mountains. So with that in hand the kids and I headed up the canyons. We hiked the beautiful canyons of Azusa and Monrovia, we crossed streams, water falls, dears, squirrels and a brown bear...yup a brown bear!  We counted how many colors of leafs we crossed, the different sizes of egg corns, we tasted spring water from the stream and made notice of the smell of the beautiful forest.

I embrace our exploring adventures together, I cherish my time talking to them and hope and pray they remember our trips, our talks, where we went and how I did things with them to show them different parts of our beautiful world. I talk to them about God and how his presence is always with us and following his path is so important. On this particular hike we crossed a group of Nuns praying in the middle of the forest.  Although they were whispering in a meadow, we could still hear them faintly from the hiking path.  As if God was piercing threw the huge forest trees from above I felt his presence and told the kids to appreciate what we just heard and saw. I made them aware of the sun light coming threw the middle of the meadow and how perfect the light was. I want them to notice everything, to not just walk through life but to embrace it and to look at the little things that are just as big as the big fancy stuff....probably even bigger if you really look closely. I mean how often can one just take a walk with their children threw a forest and count leafs, hear the whispers of prayers and see a brown bear in one day!
Countless Blessings

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  1. You're such a great mom! You're doing all the right things and in the right ways. Your children will cherish the memories you've created with them.


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