Saturday, October 12, 2013



On Peter Rays' ninth birthday we celebrated sort of low...I did my usual decorating the kitchen table at midnight and baking him a fresh cake so when he woke, he woke to a kitchen full of balloons, banners and a chocolate birthday cake!  His birthday fell in the middle of the week and on back to school night. So as we took him to a quick dinner at Olive Garden (his favorite) I rushed off to back to school night. The stars were in line on this special evening. As I entered our school Cafeteria for a quick talk with our Principal to all the parents attending back to school night, he talked of our little school and it's progress and our state scores. He explained our we did as a school and then highlighted a few students who did exceptionally well and bumped not just their own personal scores but our schools as well. Now guess who was pictured in front for all see?  That's right my birthday boy PeterRay! He was for a second a bit of a celebrity if you will. As I sat next to my PTA Mommas I have to admit I felt emotional and had to hold back my tears. PeterRay has come along way this past year and his grades are shinning. This little school I found by the grace of god literally put us together and I am utterly grateful for the teachers, principal and most of all my big boy Peter-Ray who continues to surprise me and make me proud to be his mother! 

We went ahead and had a small party for him this year with a few friends from school, my sister spruced it up a bit and had the kids play some crazy silly games and then topped them off with a homemade ice cream bar....yogurt land has nothing on my little sister. We had toppings galore, the kids had a blast making their own sundays.

As I reflected on the past nine years I am forever changed to a better person all because of this little boy I helped create. I love you PeterRay to infinity!

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  1. What a handsome and sweet kid!!! Happy Birthday to PeterRay!!


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